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Angus’ Highlights | April 2023

April 26, 2023

I cannot imagine a childhood without Walt Disney. A personal favourite of mine is the moment the mops and buckets come to life in 1940’s Sorcerers Apprentice scene. Another true great is Walt’s first ever fully animated feature film. You all know it, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, and now you too can own a little bit of movie history!

Lot 27 in this months Art, Antiques and Collectors sale is a complete set of Beswick pottery figures of Snow White and her diminutive companions. Usually these sets were broken up or figures lost, so it is fun to see the whole team have stayed together. Movie memorabilia is increasingly sought after. With nearly 120 years to collect from and a world that enjoys both the celebrity and stories that come with the industry it is inevitable that rarer items will increase in demand over time. Now is your chance to snap up a little joy and colourful history with an auction estimate of £300-500.

Beswick is renowned for its production of ceramic figurines. Founded in 1894 by John Beswick and still producing fine pieces today. It is particularly well known for producing lifelike copies of horses and cattle. This month we have a fair collection of horses to choose from, including some lovely Apoloosa and Welsh ponies. Not to be left out, Royal Doulton took on the challenge and created some fine figures too, including Red Rum and other famous nags also available in our sale. Take your place at the starting line and leave a bid online, or turn up on sale-day to bid live with the other punters.

Amongst the pictures this month take a look at two works by James McNaught. A Scottish artist to very much keep an eye upon. Born in Glasgow and winner of the Royal Scottish Academy painting award in 1970 he paints colourful watercolours in a slightly surreal and sometime challenging world. Lots 64 & 65 are no exception. Both works depict voluptuous ladies and face the viewer straight on. Lot 64 ‘Woman with a Slice of Melon’ appears on initial viewing to be a pretty work with a still life of fruit upon her lap. Closer inspection reveals a coat hanger and bloody knife, perhaps suggesting an unpleasant visit to a back street ‘doctor’, an important warning perhaps. Art should I think sometimes make us think and not just look. An artist to invest in? His painting quality is exceptional and is fantastic value at about £400 each.

As usual we have a range of household furniture, ceramics, odds and ends. Several sets of good curtains are hunting for windows to hide behind. Come on in and take a look, or let us know if you have an object to sell or house to clear out. Our team our all very friendly and approachable…

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