Business Storage Solutions

Office and retail space is expensive and storing items offsite can be a lot more cost efficient.  Our secure storage units ensure your items are stored in dry, clean premises covered by CCTV and Red Care Alarm Services.  Our trained removal team can provide full or partial packing services, reducing the disruption to your staff and company premises and ensuring items are packed safely and efficiently.

Alternatively, our secure mobile storage units allow you to sort, pack and store your business belongings from the convenience of your company premises.  When you are finished, we will transfer it to our secure premises to store.  This unit can be delivered to different offices allowing you to keep items in one place and have them where you need them, when you need them.

Document storage can be provided with our team on hand to sort, archive, collect, store and deliver some, or all, of your documents to one or more locations.  This can free up valuable office or retail space and allow delivery of documents to the office they are required in, when they are required.

Mobile Self Storage

Our secure mobile storage units can be delivered to your door to pack at your own convenience before being transferred back to our secure premises.  This allows you the time to sort and pack your items straight into your storage container before we collect it again for you.  This unit can then be delivered to any location to unpack all, or just some, of the items before going back to store.

No price hikes for your storage duration

We guarantee that the price of your storage will stay the same for the duration of your stay.  They will be no luring deals with a large price hike quickly after, just a simple moto – only pay for the space you need.

5* facilities

All of our storage facilities are indoor buildings covered by CCTV and Red Care Alarm Systems.  This ensures your items are safe from condensation, vermin and damages.  It is easy to access your items or we can deliver some, or all, of your belongings to your home.

Collection & Delivery

Our professionally trained removal men can wrap, pack and collect your goods and bring them into store. Our team ensure your items are packed efficiently, safely and with your access needs in mind. When you need them back, whether all or some of your belongings, just give us a call and we will return them to you.

In Store Maintenance

Browns offers a truly unique service – at your request we will arrange for any repairs, cleaning, renovation or maintenance of your goods while they are in our care.  Rather than storing dirty or broken items, we can return your goods in pristine condition.